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The Fold’s sector focus is what sets us apart in corporate transactions. Whether you’re just starting out, succession planning or selling up, we bring a holistic approach to transactions, ensuring they are commercial and compliant at the same time.

Our corporate lawyers

  •   Provide the full legal advisory service including shareholders agreements, mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures, for large and small financial services and professional services businesses.
  •   Advise and structure succession planning options including employee share schemes, shadow equity arrangements and ‘management buy out’ transactions.

We focus on the areas where our industry and legal expertise is really needed. This means even clients with smaller transactions get the benefit of high quality documentation and a cost conscious approach.


[The Fold]’s compliance and regulatory experience gives our M&A team unique understanding of this complex interplay. They help you to achieve the commercial balance you require in these all important transactions.
Strathearn Insurance Brokers, Michael Lewin


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