We love all our clients, but its especially fun to work with innovators and entrepreneurs.

If you’re pioneering a new approach or just bringing fresh thinking to the tried and true, you’ll need to understand the regulatory implications and find the best way to manage them. This is The Fold’s favourite territory, and we've been helping financial services and credit businesses innovate since 2002.

The Fold has been deeply steeped in the fintech space since early 2013 and has become the go-to firm for innovators looking to disrupt incumbents. Our team of fintech lawyers have worked with fintech clients across multiple sectors including payments, credit, buy-now/pay-later, cryptocurrency, general insurance, lending and wealth management.

We're Legal Partner to both Fintech Australia and Insurtech Australia, and a member of Blockchain Australia.


  • Advice on regulatory issues - including regulatory obligations, design and distribution
  • Working out whether you need an AFS or credit licence, and support with applying for these
  • Corporate advice - including structuring, governance, mergers and acquisitions, and capital raising
  • Reviewing websites and preparing disclosure documents
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts
  • Access to our suite of compliance manuals, tools and templates - which provide fintechs with a cost-effective way to ensure they have the proper compliance systems in place, without too much legal spend

Fintechs choose to work with us because

We are commercially focused, industry experts – As an industry-focused firm, we have a deep understanding of the regulatory environment. We go beyond the legal issues we're asked about, empowering fintechs to fully appreciate their obligations and opportunities. We help fintechs to commercialist their products in the context of their regulatory obligations. Our expertise in product design and distribution means we can embed the regulatory requirements into digital touchpoints, enabling fintechs to minimise customer friction-points.

We have niche expertise in emerging areas – We provide specialist advice in niche areas and are experts in advising fintechs in emerging areas where others don't have the depth of knowledge, experience or confidence to take a position. We believe this is required for fintechs breaking new ground and disrupting incumbents. As regulatory and licensing experts, we're trusted by fintechs when they are developing new products or entering a regulated environment.

We collaborate on the journey together – Recognising each fintech is different, we work collaboratively with clients to understand their nuances of their business. We support fintechs at each stage of their journey - from start-up, through their growth phases and beyond.


The Fold's frank take on issues affecting the financial services industry.

The Fold Legal is delighted to announce effective 1 July 2022, Julie Hartley will be promoted to Senior Associate.

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It’s been six months since Australian Credit Licensees were introduced to the wonderful world of mandatory breach reporting. Has this additional layer of regulatory reporting resulted in increased consumer confidence in the industry or merely more paperwork?

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The Fold Legal is delighted to announce effective 1 July 2022, Michele Levine will be promoted to Partner.

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