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Our corporate lawyers

  • Provide the full legal corporate advisory services including shareholders agreements, mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures for financial services and professional services businesses of any size.
  • Advise and structure succession planning options including employee share schemes, shadow equity arrangements and ‘management buy out’ transactions.

We focus on the areas where our industry and legal expertise is really needed. This means even clients with smaller transactions get the benefit of high quality documentation and a cost conscious approach.


The Fold's frank take on issues affecting the financial services industry.

The Fold Legal Pty Ltd is excited to announce that we are joining Halo Group Holdings Pty Ltd (Halo Group), from 1 July 2021.

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1 July will usher in new rules for fee consent and disclosure of lack of independence

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A new breach reporting regime will commence soon and it will be more onerous on licensees than ever before.

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