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A law firm that helps financial services businesses operate honestly, efficiently and fairly.

The Fold Legal is a boutique firm focused solely on helping financial services and credit businesses to be successful.

Navigating the complexities of financial services, credit legislation and regulatory compliance can be daunting. Keeping up-to-date is exhausting. We want to make it easy. We tailor every response to make it relevant to you. Never too technical, never too brush stroke, always pragmatic and accurate.

Our satisfaction comes from working with real people to solve real challenges that they face every day.

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Part of Halo Group Holdings

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The Fold Legal is part of Halo Group Holdings (Halo Group), which is also the holding company of Hamilton LockeEmerson CoSecSource, MacMillan Trade Marks and Compliance for Business. Halo Group empowers exceptional people to deliver essential corporate services across legal, governance, risk and compliance. Hamilton Locke offers direct access to Halo Group’s services.

As Australia’s top 40 and fastest growing law firm, Hamilton Locke transforms the traditional approach to corporate legal services, removing bureaucracy and administration, focusing on solving complex client problems.

Emerson CoSec offers a full range of company secretarial and governance services to public, private and not-for-profit companies, providing tailored solutions, from augmenting and supporting existing functions to managing all company secretarial and governance requirements.

Source is an outsourced legal counsel, HR and CFO services business, providing exceptional professional expertise accessible for any business, via price-certain monthly retainers. Exactly what businesses need, when they need it.

Put your trade mark in safe hands – MacMillan Trade Marks’s registered trade mark attorneys manage your intellectual property over the lifetime of your brand.

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So far we've looked after

  • General insurance brokers

  • Underwriting agencies

  • Premium funders

  • Financial planners

  • Fintech businesses

  • Online comparison and sales

  • Accountants

  • Fund managers

  • Platforms

  • Finance companies

  • Mortgage brokers

  • Aggregators

  • Venture capitalists

  • and anyone distributing financial products and services...

How we work

We tell it like it is

Our advice doesn’t beat around the bush. It’s easy for lawyers to hide behind conservative opinions, or say “it’s a commercial decision for you”. Like you, we’re prepared to have the courage of our convictions. We won’t give you pages and pages of technical advice and leave you to work out how to use it. Our solutions come with clear explanations and practical ways to apply them.

We're problem solvers

not handbrakes on doing business. We're passionate about finding an approach that suits your value proposition – rather than drown under the weight of the compliance red tape that can strangle good ideas at birth. We believe our job is to find a way forward - that strikes a balance between the legal challenges and your commercial objectives.

We keep it simple

We aim to dispel the belief that financial services and credit regulation is mysterious, complicated and difficult to access – it doesn't have to be. In every interaction with our clients, we offer simple, accessible advice and guidance – and delight in watching the lights go on….

We get it right

We appreciate the pressure that regulation places on your business. And we understand the far-reaching effects that the wrong advice can have. So we've built a team with the character, knowledge, insight and expertise to get it right, every time.

We're cost conscious

We know the right cost outcome is just as important as the right legal outcome and will treat your budget like our own. We provide accurate estimates upfront and again if any additional charges are incurred. We’ll fix fees wherever possible. We offer a range of low cost customisable manuals and tools to inform and guide you, supported by specialist legal advice to solve more complex issues.

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