Life in a suit is a long way from university days, where Nicholas spent much of his time working on chemistry experiments while studying a combined degree in law and science. While he’s hung up his lab coat, Nicholas still approaches every problem with a scientific lens. He’ll devise a theory and set about proving or disproving it through the law. This approach to problem solving has proven to be far more successful than his attempts to engage the rest of the office in his chats about science.

Nicholas’ interests lie in corporate mergers and acquisitions and insurance, two areas where every problem is unique and requires creative thinking to solve. To this task he brings his practical experience and knowledge of financial management and literacy learned as a bookkeeper, a job that supported him as a student.

Nicholas is a voracious reader. He isn’t discriminating though - his bookshelf covers everything from bargain bin trash to high-brow titles. When he’s not reading, he can be found at trivia nights with his family and friends testing anyone who dares to challenge their knowledge on Harry Potter, Disney and Pixar. Just like his favourite Disney character, Hercules, he’s a champion and holds the Australian Trivia Champion title to prove it.

You're only a fool if you give up



  • Keeps a cool head in stressful situations

  • Responds quickly to client requests

  • Problem solving


  • Reading at least one book a week

  • Being one of Australia’s Trivia Champions for both Harry Potter and Disney


  • Bachelor of Laws (Honours), (QUT), 2018

  • Bachelor of Science, QUT, 2018

  • Admitted to practice, Supreme Court of Queensland, 2019

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