Julie’s first brush with the law was volunteering at a legal centre. While she enjoyed helping people, she quickly realised that her eagle eye for detail and thirst for knowledge was better suited to specialist areas of law. So while her peers sought out positions in large law firms, she chose to join a niche superannuation firm.

Having cut her teeth on the finer points of self-managed super funds, Julie decided to join The Fold to hone her expertise in financial services.

While the thought of advising clients on niche areas like discretionary mutuals and the finer points of ASIC regulation was appealing, it was really our straight talk and approachable style that won her over, proving that like does attract like.

Julie has a knack for being able to explain even the most complex legal ideas in a way that’s clear, concise and ever so friendly. Her disarming manner has been known to keep everyone around her calm, even in the most stressful situations.

Perhaps it’s also her mysterious accent that captivates people. Born in France, raised in New Caledonia and with a quick detour in Shanghai, Julie now calls Sydney home. Although she does sneak back home at least once a year to have some ‘real’ French cuisine.

At home, she spends most of her time chasing a toddler. But in a rare moment of peace and quiet, Julie can be found curled up in a corner engrossed in a good book - good luck trying to tear her away from it.

The expert in anything was once a beginner.

 Helen Hayes


  • Gaining a client’s trust

  • Picking up the finer details that others may miss

  • Turning each matter into an opportunity to learn and grow


  • Being personally invited to write a column for the AFR

  • Learning Mandarin whilst living in Shanghai for a year

  • Managing and mentoring a team of junior solicitors and paralegals


  • Admitted to practice, Supreme Court of NSW, 2014

  • Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, College of Law, 2013

  • Bachelor of Law, UNSW, 2012

  • Bachelor of International Studies, UNSW, 2012

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