Jaime has been called 'the walking talking Corporations Act,' so it’s no surprise that she’s the go-to person for the regulatory aspects of everything financial services and credit. She’s invaluable if ASIC is giving you trouble or you need a fast and accurate answer on the finer points of AFS financial requirements. As our resident expert on all aspects of credit and AFS licensing requirements she’s particularly handy to have on speed dial when it’s audit time and you’re worried that your documents aren’t quite up-to-scratch.

Specialising in regulation means Jaime has broad industry experience, from obscure branches such as horse racing syndication and charitable institutions, to mainstream general insurance and financial planning. Her depth of experience is as impressive as its breadth, but Jaime’s not one to blow her own trumpet - she prefers to put her head down and get to the heart of an issue. A straight shooter, her clients appreciate her no nonsense and solutions-focused advice.

Jaime unleashes her creativity and whimsy in her epic fantasy novels but they’re not for children - she uses this medium to tackle serious social issues. Her love of country music is another form of escapism, and if there’s a microphone available, clear the floor as Jaime channels her inner Cher.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

 Edmund Burke


  • Facilitating regulatory relief for innovative products and models

  • Negotiating with ASIC

  • Big or small, she gets the job done


  • Managing the Steadfast Contractual Liability Helpline single-handedly for a year

  • Publishing 4 speculative fiction novels

  • She’s worked closely with everyone in The Fold at some time


  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting) UWS 2001

  • Bachelor of Laws UWS 2003

  • Band 4 Ranked Lawyer, Chambers Asia-Pacific Guide (Financial Services Regulation) 2021

  • Member of the AFA Code of Conduct Committee

  • Member of the Kaplan Professional CPD Editorial Committee

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