Alan Shore (from television series Boston Legal) is witty, charming and a brilliant lawyer, so it’s no surprise that Glenjon has chosen the character as his role model. While he shares a passion for words and language with Shore, thankfully his ethics are more aligned to ours.

With a background in philosophy and ancient history, Glenjon is not a conventional lawyer. He uses his skills to think laterally and interpret legal and commercial problems in a unique and distinctive way. A straight talker, he takes complex issues, breaks them down and conveys them in a way that is accessible.

This was something he developed working in-house at one of the Big 4 banks where he advised on advice remediation programs before moving into commercial litigation and regulatory response roles at AMP. He has now brought this experience to The Fold, where he works on a range of client issues from pre-litigation disputes to wealth management matters and regulatory advice. His pet interest is in early dispute resolution and he loves nothing more than negotiating a fair settlement offer or commercial arrangement.

Glenjon chose to join The Fold because he saw us as the exception to the rule. Just like him, we don’t just talk about things like culture, we make a deliberate and conscious effort to deliver what we say we will. It’s this alignment, along with his energy and sense of humour, that has seen him fit right in.

While his work life is very much grounded in reality, in his own time he prefers flights of fantasy. Glenjon enjoys immersing himself by taking on new and adventurous personalities in video games like the Final Fantasy series. He can also be relied on for great recommendations if you’re looking for a good fiction or fantasy novel.

Everything is vague to a degree, you do not realise until you have tried to make it precise.

 Bertrand Russell


  • Critical thinking

  • Seeing a dispute through to resolution

  • Communicating clearly and concisely


  • Finishing his Masters degree with distinction average

  • Achieving a successful outcome in the first litigation matter he ran by himself

  • Being a godfather to his niece, Louise


  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Sydney, 2012

  • Bachelor of Laws, Macquarie University, 2015

  • Masters of Law, UTS, 2020

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