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  • MDA - Provider Policy and Procedures

    $1,450.00 inc. GST


    A complete guide to providing an MDA service

    Suitable for

    MDA providers


    Detailed guidance and procedures for providing an MDA service, covering

    • What is an MDA service?
    • Licence requirements
    • FSG and SoA
    • Investment program
    • MDA contract
    • Commencing an MDA service
    • Investment management
    • Discretionary authority
    • Conflicts of interest
    • Administration and reporting
    • Custody and appointing a custodian
    • Terminating an MDA service
    • Record keeping
    • Insurance
    • Monitoring and breach reporting
    • User and content guide
    • Comprehensive policies and procedures for providing MDA advice
    • Covers all the MDA regulatory requirements for MDA providers (other than advising - see the MDA Adviser Policy & Procedures)
    • Fully customisable for your business
    • Variable clauses to suit different MDA models
    • Detailed table of contents ensures easy navigation
    • Supports your quality assurance program
    • Clear concise and effective language
    • Purchase as part of the MDA Kit for a complete MDA compliance system
    • Convenient reference guide
    • Customise to create your MDA service procedures
    • Suitable for all types of MDA providers. NB: Additional customisation will be required for MDA providers who use an external custodian or non-recourse financial products
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