MDA - Advice and Contract Documents

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Template SoA material, Investment Program and MDA Contract. Suitable for MDA providers & External MDA advisers

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NB: We offer these templates as a package because the documents are interdependent



  • Basis for MDA advice
  • All other required information
  • MDA warnings
  • Fees and costs


  • Appointment
  • Discretions
  • Rights and obligations
  • Review and reporting
  • Fees and costs


  • Sample model portfolio description
  • MDA warnings
  • MDA information


  • Contains template material for all the disclosures required to recommend and implement MDA services
  • Covers all the MDA regulatory requirements for SoAs, MDA Contracts and Investment Programs
  • Seamlessly integrates the overlapping MDA requirements into the 3 documents
  • Variable clauses to suit different MDA models
  • Clear concise and effective language
  • Detailed content and user guide
  • Purchase as part of the MDA Kit for a complete MDA compliance system


  • Integrate SoA material into your SoA template to create compliant MDA advice
  • Document your MDA contract
  • Document your model portfolios and other investment strategies
  • Suitable for all types of MDA providers. NB: Additional customisation will be required for MDA providers who use an external custodian or non-recourse financial product

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