Underwriter Manual


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A step by step guide to the insurance underwriting process suitable for General insurance underwriting agencies, Lloyd's coverholders

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A two-part manual with concise underwriting process and detailed guidance on key issues, covering:


  • Marketing and advertising
  • Product planning and development
  • Retail vs. wholesale clients
  • Contact with brokers and insureds
  • Can you underwrite?
  • Service standards
  • New business
  • Premium payments and refunds
  • Renewals, cancellations and lapses
  • Records management


  • What is a financial service?
  • Acting as an insurer's agent
  • Duties to insurers and insureds
  • Lloyd's policy requirements
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Premium funding
  • Retail client distribution
  • Proposals and endorsements
  • Trust accounts and taxes
  • Claims and complaints


  • Comprehensive one-stop underwriting guide
  • Seamlessly integrates relevant Acts and Regulations, Class Orders, Regulatory Guides, Info Sheets, Lloyd's requirements and industry Codes of Practice
  • Contains customisable policies, procedures and templates
  • Includes guidance on implementing all requirements
  • Distinguishes retail and wholesale clients
  • Packed full of practical tips, traps and diagrams
  • Detailed table of contents ensures easy navigation
  • Fully footnoted
  • Supports your quality assurance programme
  • Regularly updated to reflect changing regulation, policy and practice - an additional fee applies


  • Convenient reference guide
  • Customise to create policies and procedures for your business
  • Combine with the AFS Licensee Manual and Compliance Calendar for a complete compliance management system

This price is for use by 5 underwriting staff members. Discounts are available for >5 underwriting staff members. Contact us for a quote.