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The Fold Legal’s Contract Review Services help insurance brokers and their clients to identify areas of contractual liability and exposures that may not be covered under their insurance program. Doing this before the contract is signed helps you to help your client to renegotiate parts of the contract and/or plan how to manage the exposures.

Our contract lawyers review over 100 contracts per month with swift turnaround times for a diverse range of small and medium sized businesses in the architecture, engineering, design, construction, manufacturing, goods supply, labour hire and professional services industries.

You can choose the level of advice you need:

  •   1 hour legal review
  •   Short written advice
  •   Fixed pricing - $484 incl. GST (download the Order Form opposite)
  •   3-5 day turnaround time
  •   Ideal for simple contracts and leases

We analyse the insurance and indemnity clauses in your contract to identify any exposure, whether your insurance cover meets the contract requirements and suggest drafting changes.

  •   Detailed advice
  •   Suggested drafting changes
  •   Fixed pricing (download the Order Form opposite)
  •   5-7 day turnaround time
  •   Ideal for more complex or higher value contracts

We review the entire contract in the context of the insurance program and advise on any obligations that could affect your ability to obtain insurance coverage.

  •   Detailed advice
  •   Suggested drafting changes
  •   5-7 day turnaround time
  •   Ideal for more complex or higher value contracts

We review all terms in the contract (not just those relating to insurance).


We can assist you to negotiate the necessary changes with the other party or their lawyer (either shadowing you in the background or leading the negotiations).

We help our clients to achieve more balanced contractual arrangements that are consistent with their insurance coverage.


    Contractual Liabilities Training

    The Fold's contractual liabilities training covers any or all of the following issues – and we can tailor it to focus on the contracts that your clients bring to you.

    •   Navigating a contract and identifying the key issues for clients
    •   Proportionate liability – how does this impact on indemnity clauses and liability insurance?
    •   Joint insured, named insured, interested party and principal's liability – what’s the difference and when to use?
    •   Leases – tips and traps for retail shop and other commercial leases
    •   Labour hire – how do the parties to these arrangements get the right outcome?
    •   Mining/infrastructure – how to deal with the 'knock for knock' and other arrangements?

If this appeals to you, then get in touch.


The Fold is always very willing to help. They are solicitors that have developed highly specialised knowledge and skills around the Australian Insurance Broking sector in the areas of compliance, contractual liability and insurance law. No matter how specific the question or request for advice, they can usually answer it off the tops of their heads; or provide a thorough written advice if required. Steadfast engages them as we believe they offer the most professional and comprehensive tools and advice and it is very important to us that we provide the best available advice and services to our brokers. In our opinion, The Fold is the most professional, best resourced firm that provides insurance broker specific compliance and contractual liability advice and tools in Australia.
Steadfast Group, Allan Reynolds


Six of our staff recently attended the Steadfast Contractual Liability workshops in Sydney and without exception they all commented on how well the workshop was presented by Charmian. The staff that went range from 3 months industry experience to 10 years’ experience but each one felt they came away understanding the subject better as it was so well explained. This would be the first time I have had staff come back from a training day with such an enthusiastic attitude. Well done to Charmian and everyone who was involved.
Domina General Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd, K Ferguson


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