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No man is an island, Entire of itself. Each is part of the continent; Each is part of the main.
-John Donne

Businesses aren’t islands either. That’s why many of us partner with others to generate business or deliver our services.

  •   Binder Agreements
  •   Badging/White Label Agreements
  •   Authorised Representative Agreements
  •   Distributor Agreements
  •   Referrer Agreements
  •   Joint Venture Agreements
  •   Client Agreements
  •   Outsourced Service Agreements

What business relationships do you have? How will you and they know what your obligations and responsibilities are to each other? And what will you do if they don’t deliver? Or you want to end the relationship?

Like any other lawyer you go to, we’ll tell you to put your arrangements in writing. And if you ask us to help, we’ll give you an elegant, precise agreement that will read like a conversation and you won’t need a dictionary, thesaurus or Latin scholar to decipher.


Thanks! [The Consumer Credit Advice] read very well and will be a great tool for giving to brokers.
Premium Funding Pty Ltd, R Hayward


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