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Like any other lawyer you go to, we’ll tell you to put your arrangements in writing.

Our contract lawyers review contracts, draft template and bespoke contracts and agreements, can re-engineer the ones you already have, and help you to negotiate better commercial arrangements.

We review over 100 contracts per month with swift turnaround times for a diverse range of small and medium sized businesses in the architecture, engineering, design, construction, manufacturing, goods supply, labour hire and professional services industries.

  •   Professional services, consultancy, supply of goods, contractor agreements, gas project subcontracts, construction contracting and general conditions for services
  •   Contractor management plans, deed of liability and insurance, event management agreements, underground services, service, maintenance and repair contracts and preferred agency agreements
  •   Subcontracts, contractor, design and construct, equipment supply, purchase orders, minor works, mains contracts and standing offers
  •   Conference terms and conditions, agency services, implementation agreements, marine salvage, on-shore well services and mining rights
  •   Tenders, subcontracts, contractor, labour supply, purchase orders, terms and conditions of trade, minor works, mains contracts and standing offers
  •   Leases, sub leases, social gathering permits and licences
  •   Australian Standard, BHP, Bechtel, Chevron, Multiplex, Stockland and Rio Tinto contracts

Thank you for your very comprehensive review of the client’s contract insurance terms. Your plain English speaking advice on why the additional ‘legal terms you are suggesting we add to the contract’ and the reasons why they are necessary, is brilliant and very helpful for non-legal people such as ourselves.
Sinelec Australia, Carey Schumann


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