Understanding the legal system in one country takes years of study and practice, yet Rachel has managed to do this not once, twice but three times in her legal career. Growing up in the Channel Islands, tucked between England and France, she cut her teeth in Guernsey then moved to London to study a Masters of Law and practice in the UK before moving to Australia in 2019.

Rachel’s work experience is as varied as her travels, from providing professional knowledge management to the corporate finance teams of an international law firm to working for the London Bullion Market Association, a global industry body for the precious metals industry. As an in-house lawyer she represented financial institutions on regulatory advisory and advocacy matters relating to physical and financial commodity derivatives. But it’s in The Fold’s boutique practice that she’s really found her groove.

While she enjoys the relaxed and collegial environment, it’s the challenge of working with a large cross-section of clients that has captured her interest the most. No two days are the same - from providing regulatory advice to an insurtech to drafting contracts and reviewing licensing issues - Rachel delights in delving into client issues and tailoring advice and solutions for them. Her knowledge of other jurisdictions also helps her look at how the law may evolve in the future and take that into account when advising clients.

Coming from the Northern Hemisphere, it’s no surprise that Rachel loves spending time outdoors in the Queensland sun. On the weekends she can be found hiking up a mountain with a view, swimming under waterfalls or training for her next cycling tour.

Things can change in a day.

 Arundhati Roy


  • Translating legalese for clients so they can understand what it means for them

  • Enthusiastically approaching a tricky problem with a clear solution

  • Getting to know clients and understanding the nuances within their business


  • Being able to learn and adapt within different legal jurisdictions

  • Building a broad outlook by working across a range of industry groups

  • Settling into life down under


  • Bachelor of Laws, University of York, 2015

  • Masters of Law, University of Law (London), 2016

  • Legal Practice Course, University of Law (London), 2016

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