Sometimes you’re in the right place at the right time, and that’s exactly what happened to Molly. After spending two years teaching English in Tokyo, she returned to Brisbane and entered The Fold. As a legal secretary, justice was her passion but it’s in financial services that she’s really found her groove.

Molly brings creative thinking to our Brisbane office, balancing logic with her ability to think differently. She uses these skills to help keep the office ticking – whether it’s working on a legal brief or an emergency chocolate run, Molly is onto it. Coupled with a love of learning, she relishes trying her hand at something new – most recently she’s taken on learning our IT systems and the intricacies of Microsoft Office.

But it’s the people in the office that really give Molly the most joy. She enjoys being there to support everyone and the feeling is mutual. A breath of fresh air, Molly’s calming energy is welcomed by clients and staff alike. While she’s a bit shy, you wouldn’t know it. She instantly puts clients at ease when they enter the office and brings a sense of fun to staff get-togethers.

In her time out, Molly enjoys the release that comes with painting with acrylics, a joy she now shares with her 9 nieces and nephews. She also enjoys cooking. On a Saturday night, you can often find her kicking back with a cheeky gin and tonic while making her very own killer tacos – if you’re lucky she might just share the recipe with you.

Everybody, try laughing. Then whatever scares you will go away.

 My Neighbour Totoro


  • Willing to adapt to any situation, she’s a chameleon

  • Ability to think outside the box


  • Her desire for adventure and challenge which took her to Tokyo to teach English

  • Hiking to Summit of Mt Fuji

  • Her portrait of 9 impeccably dressed dogs


  • Bachelor of Justice (Policy and Governance), Queensland University of Technology, 2015

  • Currently studying a Master of Information Technology, Queensland University of Technology

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