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Lydia’s charm is infectious. No matter how difficult or tedious the task, she tackles it with a smile and not a hint of trouble. Coupled with her superior organisational skills and attention to detail, Lydia ensures nothing is missed when she reviews and proofreads complex contracts.

She’s purpose-driven, so it’s no surprise she enjoys advising on consumer law. Lydia also thrives on the satisfaction that comes with bringing the transactional aspects of licensing and sale arrangements to a precise conclusion.

But nothing gives Lydia a greater thrill than helping others and that’s why our clients love working with her. Whether she’s meeting with them in person or solving their issues on our Contractual Liability Helpline, Lydia is genuinely interested in what people have to say and is responsive to their needs.

A talented writer, Lydia’s fast becoming The Fold's blog queen. Even on the weekend Lydia’s mind is firmly at work solving crime mysteries on Netflix. She’s also a talented linguist - she speaks French and hopes to add Spanish or Italian to her repertoire soon.

Never one to sit still, she keeps fit with tennis and boxing - so get your gloves out if you’re on the other side of a negotiation!


Wisdom comes from experience. Experience is often a result of lack of wisdom.
- Terry Pratchett

  •   Dots the i’s and crosses the t’s
  •   Keeps the lines of communication open with clients
  •   Has a good handle on ASIC’s complex licensing process
  •   Finishing Harry Potter 7 in under 3 hours
  •   Successfully bear-spotting while travelling in Canada
  •   Her ability to grow anything in a jar (including a bonsai’d poinciana)
  •   Bachelor of Law 2018
  •   Bachelor of Arts (UQ)
  •   Admitted to practice – Supreme Court of Qld, 2018

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