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A self-described corporate law purist, Katie’s sweet spot is managing people and transactions. She helps businesses restructure, raise capital and manage their mergers and acquisitions. When no one’s looking, Katie can be found pumping her fist in the air as she celebrates each little success in a transaction.

Katie moves and shakes with the times without losing her laser focus on the detail. This versatility means she’s just as comfortable advising senior leaders in large ASX-listed companies as she is helping a founder build their startup from scratch. At the top end of town, her experience spans hostile takeovers, capital raisings (including IPOs), financial market listing applications, continuous disclosures and managing conflict of interests. In the unregulated space, she’s worked on private equity funding, joint ventures, exits and acquisitions and creating structures that will stand the test of time. And all the documents in between.

Her ability to intuitively read a situation gave Katie insights into the intricacies and customs of foreign regulators while working on cross border transactions from Botswana to Turkey. With a keen focus on communication, she’s also built a reputation as a trusted advisor to boards.

While Katie may be her own worst critic, she gives herself a break at least once a year by going off the grid. You won’t see or hear from her while she’s toasting marshmallows and camping in the rugged terrain around Fraser Island. It not only recharges her batteries, but also lets her play in the biggest sandpit in the world (with her kids, of course).


Why don’t you explain this to me like I am an 8-year old
- Michael from The Office

  •  Free drafting bespoke contractual provisions
  •  Mentoring and training staff
  •  Creating lists for absolutely anything
  •   Her two beautiful children and patient husband
  •   Assuming the roles of Interior Designer, Site Supervisor and Quality Control Officer while renovating her home
  •   Admitted to practice in Qld (2007)
  •   Bachelor of Laws - Queensland University of Technology (2004)
  •   Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice - Queensland University of Technology (2007)
  •   Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance -Kaplan Professional (2010)
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