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Chris is always writing. Whether he’s preparing an advice, drafting a credit contract or scribbling down ideas for his next film script, he enjoys using words to create something of value. And it shows in the quality of his work.

In his years at the Credit and Investments Ombudsman he learned that the devil is truly in the detail. Working through hundreds of customer complaints Chris saw just how quickly a tiny issue could escalate into a huge problem. That’s why he is diligent when researching the finer points of responsible lending, privacy and credit regulation for our clients.

He also has a knack for explaining difficult issues in a relatable way. This gift of the gab came in handy when communicating with locals while hiking across the Camino de Santiago. Over 6 weeks and 800 kilometres Chris and his wife meandered through the French and Spanish countryside. They took in spectacular landscapes during the day, and spent their evenings sharing tales with fellow travellers in cosy albergues (hostels).

He credits the experience with making him a more tolerant person - perhaps that’s why he thrives working in a collaborative environment. While Chris is softly spoken he does enjoy having a joke, and we certainly like having a laugh with him.


Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right.
- Henry Ford

  •   Regulatory and compliance advice
  •   Navigating credit legislation
  •   Privacy issues
  •   Presenting in public
  •   Writing a full length screenplay
  •   Creating complaint processes and procedures for CIO
  •   Bachelor of Laws (UTS) 2006
  •   Bachelor of Communication (Writing) (UTS) 2006
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