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If you rely on Google Maps to get you to meetings on time then Amanda’s the person to thank. She started her career meticulously mapping street numbers and names for the app, and now uses her technology skills to make sure our website has all its pixels in the right place.

She wanted to work somewhere that was welcoming so she joined her brother Jonathan at The Fold, making it a real family affair. Thankfully, the siblings have left any sign of rivalry at the door, preferring to share in their love of food instead. Amanda is our resident social media expert and was so capable at managing our legal and compliance helplines when she covered a colleague’s absence, that she’s now managing them full time.

Amanda can be found exploring new taste sensations wherever they are – from fine dining restaurants in Sydney to the tiny alleys of Hong Kong where she also puts her linguistic skills to good use. She’s fluent in Cantonese and picked up the basics of Mandarin, Korean and Japanese while watching cheesy TV dramas and anime.

She also loves animals, particularly the six and eight-legged variety. While she doesn’t collect insects any more, she’s still the person we call on when an unexpected daddy long-legs appears in the office.


Even if other people tell you otherwise, if you just believe in yourself, you can do everything.
- Tiffany (Girls Generation)

  •  Maintaining websites
  •  Paying attention to the little details
  •  Korean music obsession – she met her husband at a K-pop concert in Singapore
  •  Keeping her geographically diverse family connected
  •   Bachelor of Science (Environmental Biology) (UTS) 2008
  •   Diploma in Environmental Law (USyd) 2009
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