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  • Authorised Representative Agreement

    $355.00 inc. GST

    A template for appointing Authorised Representatives and defining their authorisations, remuneration and the responsibilities and obligations of the Authorised Representative and Licensee.

    This Agreement can be used to appoint corporate and individual authorised representatives. It can be tailored to suit your business model and commercial arrangements with your authorised representatives.

    If you are appointing a Corporate Authorised Representative who will have more than one adviser, you can use the Adviser Deed which is supplied with this Template.

    The template covers the following areas:

    •   Appointment and authorisation
    •   Sub authorisations
    •   Independent contractor
    •   Territory
    •   Remuneration
    •   Authority to appoint others
    •   Obligations of licensee and authorised representative
    •   Acting for other licensees
    •   Servicing rights
    •   Warranties
    •   Indemnities
    •   Professional indemnity insurance
    •   Guarantee
    •   Confidential information and intellectual property
    •   Conflicts of interest
    •   Assignment
    •   Dispute resolution
    •   Variation
    •   Suspension of authorities
    •   Termination

    It contains a guarantee for execution by the directors of corporate authorised representatives and appropriate notices of authority. Click here to view a sample.

    For more information about appointing and managing authorised representatives, see the AFS Licensee Manual.

    For help with tailoring the agreement for your business, email or call us on 02 8353 6600. We'll be happy to provide a fee estimate.


    Read more on how The Fold can help you develop or sign off your business agreements.


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